To understand what is happening at 14h that is affecting the SFV modules of the fixed structure, we can go to analyze their curves. Let's go concretely to the IV curves of number 16.

It can be seen that during the 14h, the module goes from being in perfect condition to being apparently damaged. People familiar with photovoltaic energy have quickly understood that the behavior we are visualizing is clearly that of a module affected by shading.

If the installation has been designed correctly, these values allow us to explain to the customer, the owner of the installation, the reasons why it was decided to install a power optimizer on time.

The SFV module number 17 of string 2 experiences exactly the same effect, but one hour later.

The demonstration of this situation, we also had it in the photo of post 1.

The culprit is the ornamental plant that casts a shadow on the SFV modules, which in January begins to enter module 16 around 14h and finally completely covers both (16 and 17) at 16h.