The difference in Performance between Modules

The difference in Performance between Modules

The production efficiency of a solar photovoltaic plant can be influenced by different factors. We will focus on one of them: the difference in performance between modules.

How different modules respond to similar operating conditions will affect the overall performance of the entire installation. In this particular installation, there is a string of 17 SFV modules, 15 of which have one orientation and the other two have another.

With respect to curve IV, we can see that the difference in orientation between SFV modules means that some have 30% more capacity than others.

Since the single-axis tracker is not yet in operation, we see that the fixed structure panels have a better orientation at certain times of the day than the orientation that the tracker could have in battle position.

The difference in Isc that we see in both SFV modules is directly related to the irradiance received from the sun.