Sustainability is in our Core Values and contributing to a better planet thru improving clean energy our Purpose by improving the efficiency of PV plants and increasing their production of renewable energy up to 12%.

We contribute to 6 Sustainable Development Goals helping improving operator’s day to day creating a more efficient energy system for everybody by digitalizing the PV industry thru innovation and contributing reach the goals of Horizon 2030-2050.

Our Positive Impact

Our Impact assessment has been reviewed, validated and supported by Impact Forecast Organization confirming that we provide a VALID, POSITIVE and SIGNIFICANT impact:

Our Positive Impact

Representative of the project, using appropriate data and well justified assumptions. Therefore, the CIF and its results are representative of the potential for the project to mitigate, enable or adapt to climate change.


It shows that the project has a lower climate impact than business as usual, or improved climate resilience  in the case of adaptation. A positive mitigation or enabler CIF shows the avoided GHG emissions in -tCO₂eq.


The project has a positive climate impact greater than 5 tonnes of CO₂eq per year. This is roughly the global average annual CO₂ emissions per person, and the mass of a male African Elephant.

Validation quality mark can be checked on : www.impact-forecast.com