Photovoltaics 4.0: is our Diagnostic Platform at PV module level in real-time, remotely in just 3clicks with the best quality data for a sustainable energy.

Our Clever Dx platform is the Digital Twin of Solar PV plants that reduces O&M costs without interrupting power generation, reducing costs, labor risks and CO2 emissions



To understand what is happening at 14h that is affecting the SFV modules of the fixed structure, we can go to analyze their curves. Let's go concretely to the IV curves of number 16.

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First data after connecting the devices


The commissioning of the installation has not yet been carried out and we can already see the first interesting data. We only have a blue color curve, which corresponds to the energy that could be delivered by the SFV modules.

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Discover the magic of Photovoltaics 4.0 in an installation


We want to present you with a case and along these days, all the information that allows you to view the Clever Dx platform, remotely from anywhere and at any time.

The installation we are going to analyze has

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