Clever Solar Devices has received the European Climate KIC Acceleration Certification of Clean Cities 2022 Edition

ClimAccelerator & Climate Innovators

We are extremely proud to be part of the amazing community of ClimAccelerator & Climate Innovators and have participated in CleanCities 2022 Edition. A better pl

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CLEVER SOLAR DEVICES: Artificial Intelligence applied to green energy


This startup, born from the idea of ​​an engineer from Soria and his passion for innovation, is dedicated to digital transformation and Photovoltaics 4.0 with the aim of optimizing the operation and management of photovoltaic solar plants.

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Energética Magazine: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning as the future for O&M focused on improvement for operators, reduction of labor risks, and sustainability.


(José Luis Sevillano - CDO & Carlos Betancort - AI Developer)

The increase in the quality and versatility of data-driven technologies in recent years has permeated all aspects of society and industry, and photovoltaics is no different.

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CLEVER SOLAR DEVICES CASE: The financing dilemma of Startups


Bhishma Hernández, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur from Cirujales del Río, a small town in Soria of only 22 inhabitants recalls how his time at Hewlett Packard inspired him to develop, in early 2019, a brilliant idea.

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Piosphere Award Winners 2022 (German Chamber of Commerce)


The German Chamber has awarded this Wednesday the Excellence and Piosphere 2022 Awards within the framework of the VI Spanish-German Business Meeting which, under the title 'Energy4Europe. […] the VII Piosphere Award for the best startup also took place, with which the German Chamber recognizes the most innovative practices of

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