Energética - PHOTOVOLTAICS 4.0


Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy is one of the key resources to evolve into an energy. Thanks to technological developments, it has been possible to improve processes, reduce costs and significantly improve efficiency. Solar modules with efficiencies of over 20% can be found commercially and already exceed 46% in the case of laboratory experiments.

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Clever Solar Devices has won the Infinite City Challenge from Infineon technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) live from Singapore

1st Infinite City

Singapore31/3/22We are very happy to communicate that we have been bestowed with the 1st award of the Infinite City Challenge.

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Clipping Loss: Energy goes to waste during the day

Clippling Loss

Thanks to our device Clever Dx, the effects and performance of other devices equipped with solar PVs became apparent in real-time, such as AC/DC inverters.

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Clever Solar Devices, the company digitalising the photovoltaic industry

Clever Solar Devices, the company digitalising the photovoltaic industry

Clever Solar Devices is a company that digitalises behaviour at the photovoltaic solar panel level, which implies a notable improvement in energy production and with the aim of bringing green energy to more families. This is a company born from scratch, from the identification of a problem and its commitment to solving it by applying technology.  

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Why PV Shade Loss is a Big Threat to your Business


By Clever Solar Devices staff • 8th of November • Reading Time: 2 mins

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