Startup The Future 2n Edition announces Top Startups Driving Energy Transformation and Carbon Neutrality, being Clever Solar Devices one of them


The five winning startups of the second edition of Startup The Future, the global innovation program promoted by Galp through its open innovation platform, Upcoming Energies, have been unveiled. 

The technological solutions developed by each of these disruptive companies in the energy sector stand out for their ability to drive Galp's transformation towards carbon neutrality.

More than 200 startups and scaleups from 47 countries showcased their answers to the challenges posed by the energy transition across five distinct development modules featured in the competition. The winners come from United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. 

With its revolutionary batteries made up of non-flammable inorganic electrolytes, Swiss startup Innolith is the winner in the "Scaling Energy Storage & Environmental Processes" category, aiming for a more sustainable and accessible mobility. 

From the UK comes Naked Energy's proposal to decarbonize heat. The British start-up has developed a hybrid solar technology capable of generating heat and energy with high density solar collectors and was chosen in the "Decarbonizing & Optimizing Industry" module.  

Looking at "Bringing Energy to Everyone" vertical, the award-winning solution was developed by Solarworkx, a German company that designs smart solar solutions for low-income customers without access to the electricity grid. 

Clever Solar Devices, from Spain, is the highlight of the "Managing Data" module with a digital twin that performs real-time diagnostics on photovoltaic panels, enabling monitoring and optimization of solar plant operations. 

Also from Spain, Bia Power is the startup awarded in the "Harnessing Electric Mobility" module, a partnership with the BMW Group. Using artificial intelligence, the Spanish company optimizes the charging of electric vehicles, making the networks more sustainable and predictable. 

The 5 winners had the opportunity to attend Web Summit 2023 and present the technologies to the public during the conference, in collaboration with Startup Portugal. Additionally, a Demo Day was also held, where Galp administrators, employees and partners were present. The winning startups may work with Galp, through its business units and innovation teams. 

Startup the Future is an initiative of Upcoming Energies, the open innovation platform that brings together the transformation agents with whom Galp intends to co-create the net zero future.

Startup The Future 2nd Edition announces Top Startups Driving Energy Transformation and Carbon Neutrality