True Diagnose at PV Module Level
Beyond and above conventional monitoring!

The SaaS that is Revolutionizing the Photovoltaic Industry O&M

Recover up to 12% of your energy production, cut maintenance costs by up to 70%, and mitigate labor risks and CO2 emissions simultaneously.
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WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TODAY to each panel of the installation in real-time, current performance is NOT an estimation for us. We have the exact diagnosis data at PV module level thanks to our patented technology in 95% of the WW markets.

Today, maintenance of a PV plant is mainly done manually or thru indirect monitoring, like drones, which is inefficient and potentially dangerous. An installation with thousands of panels is even more complex end even more if the facilities are virtual powerplants Periodic inspections are performed manually module by module and following “break & fix procedures”, which are extremely time-consuming due to the lack of precise & automatized diagnosis at PV module level and exposure operators to risks.

We are devoted to the digital transformation and what we call Photovoltaics 4.0 for the optimization of the operation and management of solar photovoltaic plants.

Clever Dx is an Intelligent Digital Twin that allows to diagnose a PV plant detecting 100% of the issues automatically and in real-time with the most accurate diagnose data (the IV curves data of each PV panel with our Clever device) and knowing where are the defective modules, which issue they present and it’s level of degradation, all from your mobile device.

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Clever Dx Control Panel
Clever Dx Control Panel
Our Solution
Clever Dx Device
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Improve business decisions and prioritization of the O&M tasks.
Easy and comprehensive data in a wisp.

Our solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based on our proprietary platform that receives the highest quality data for analyzing the health of the solar plant from our small “plug-and-play” device, the size of a credit card, that continuously collects data from the IV curves of the PV modules, and then our unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning translate the information into simple and thorough data.


Production increase up to 12%

100% of PV module issues detected remotely

Up to 70% cost reduction

Immediately and in real-time

Without interrupting production

Reducing risks

Contributing to lower CO2 emisions

Remotely from your phone

Clever Solar Devices by The Numbers

Clever Solar Devices by The Numbers

How much money you can save?

Take a look at our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and find out how to save up to 70% of cost in your installation.

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Adolfo Martínez

“Clever Dx has been installed in our plant for more than a year now. Having the O&M procedures digitalized with a system that tells me exactly what is going on in each of my panels has saved me a lot of time and money, and has allowed me to make the correct decisions for my business and increase my production significantly at least to a 10%."

Adolfo Martínez
CEO at Adolfo Martínez S.A.


“We are delighted to recognize Clever Solar Devices with one of the Startup of the Year Awards.The Committee, made up of four members of the Board of Directors and the association itself, has taken into account factors such as innovation, expectations, applicability to the sector and maturity for the Start Up Solar 2021 Award organized by UNEF for the first time during the VIII Solar Forum”

Unión Solar
Española de Fotovoltaica

“We have validated, exclusively from the technical point of view, that the solution provided by Clever complies with the functionalities stated by the start-up and therefore allows the early detection of incidents in the solar field and their classification, making the panels have a monitoring functionality not considered in the classic technology.”

One of our
Utility Customers

Bertrand Picard

"One of the solutions that we have evaluated and endorsed with the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions” Label is Photovoltaics 4.0, a Solar Plants Intelligent Digital Twin that recovers production, reduce costs, and lower labor risk and CO2 emissions.

Experts working with us have determined, using data available, that the project “Photovoltaics4.0” answered all our criteria regarding technological feasibility, positive impact on the environment and economic profitability for the client.“

  Solar Impulse - Support Letter

Bertrand Piccard
Initiator and Chairman
Solar Impulse Foundation


in Tech


Clever Solar Devices joins Eria's acceleration program to boost energy efficiency
Clever Solar Devices joins Eria's acceleration program to boost energy efficiency
Clever Solar Devices joins Eria's acceleration program to boost energy efficiency

Eria, the Corporate Venturing vehicle of the Estabanell Group, created to connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture with the business group.

Clever Solar Devices, one of the four companies selected to participate in the first acceleration program of Eria, the Corporate Venturing vehicle of the Estabanell energy and telecommunications group. 

ENISA Recognizes Clever Solar Devices for Excellence in Innovation
ENISA Recognizes Clever Solar Devices for Excellence in Innovation

We are thrilled to announce that Clever Solar Devices has been officially certified by ENISA (Empresa Nacional de Innovación S.A). This distinction validates our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable development.

The certification granted by ENISA is a milestone that not only validates our vision but also propels us to further invest in innovation in the solar energy sector with our Photovoltaics 4.0 technology. This technology allows for the recovery of up to 12% of your energy production, reduces maintenance costs by 70%, and mitigates labor risks and CO₂ emissions in photovoltaic solar plants.

Startup The Future 2n Edition announces Top Startups Driving Energy Transformation and Carbon Neutrality, being Clever Solar Devices one of them
Startup The Future 2n Edition announces Top Startups Driving Energy Transformation and Carbon Neutrality, being Clever Solar Devices one of them

The second edition of the global innovation program, "Startup The Future" sponsored by Galp through its open innovation platform, Upcoming Energies, has revealed the five winning startups. Among them, Clever Solar Devices, a Spanish company, stands out in the "Managing Data" module with its innovative digital twin that performs real-time diagnostics on photovoltaic panels, enabling the monitoring and optimization of solar plant operations.

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ADE 2020
Solar Power Europe Member
Europa impulsa nuestro crecimiento
Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional
Unión Europea
World Alliance for Efficient Solutions